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Fake News Detector

Fake news is misinformation or manipulated news that is spread across social media with an intention to damage a person, agency and organization. Due to the dissemination of fake news, there is need for computational methods to detect them. Fake news detection aims to help users to expose varieties of fabricated news.

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Real or Fake?

Circulation of fake news on digital platforms has been a pain point, and the government has warned social media companies that any abuse of the platforms to influence the electorate will not be tolerated. Over 53 per cent of the respondents claimed to have received fake news over various social media platforms. Interestingly, about 41 per cent of the respondents said they made efforts to authenticate a news by searching it on Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Why what we do is imporatnt?

The genuinity of news is crucial in times where social media is contantly giving us updates about the events going on in the entire world. We think emotionally, but machines don't.

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